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Vehicle Buyback


What if I’m currently utilize a data mining software program?

That’s great, we partner with all of the major data mining software programs available. They entrust us to make the communications to the customers that they have identified as being in the best position to get into a new vehicle. They know that at the end of the day, the software can identify exactly which customers to dial and when to dial them, but the truth of the matter is most dealerships don’t have the scale to be able to utilize the tools properly.

What if I already have a BDC who does both incoming and outgoing calls?

That’s great! This program works even better when the appointments we set are passed along to a BDC representative to call, confirm the appointment, and let the customer know how much they are looking forward to their visit into the showroom.


We consider ourselves as an extension to your existing BDC, providing your store with the scale it requires to grow. BDCs generally have plenty on their plate with existing web lead traffic, whereas our agents could knock out reaching 500 customers in a day setting appointments for your store for the entire month.


Not only do we provide scale but our agents are trained to make this specific type of phone call as we’ve handled hundreds of thousands of data mining calls to date. We know exactly what to say and how to handle your customers.   

Is it expensive?

This is an extremely affordable program that could cost less than hiring one full-time employee, but you get a whole team of skilled agents.


We also provide extensive reporting with DMS matches so you will be able to see how much more profitable your store is becoming on this program.

We don’t want any 3rd party vendors calling our customers.

I understand data security is an important factor for you. For that reason, we are CDK certified, Dealertrack certified, and currently undergoing our Reynolds certification.


One of our main objectives in this program is to raise your customer loyalty and optimize CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index). All of our agents are extensively trained with this in mind.

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