Blackhawk Automotive Marketing will send up to 300,000 Saturation Emails to Opt in eMail addresses allowing your message to be seen by a thousands of potential buyers. We will track OPENS, CLICKS TO YOUR WEBSITE, and SALES!

Why Send Saturation Emails?

1) Get your message in front of In-Market prospects 

2) Compliment your TV, Direct Mail, Digital Campaigns, and News Print 

Blackhawk Automotive Marketing will showcase your top selling vehicles and even your service specials.  Here are a few of the campaign's benefits:
  • BAM will create your artwork

  • BAM will provide  Analytics to include emails sent, opens, what links were clicked on, and how many visits to your website

  • BAM will provide a Sales Match Report at the end of your campaign 

  • BAM will submit for Co-Op

What to Expect:

  • Average deployments reach around 300,000 shoppers.

  • Solid Open Rates of 7%-14%. 

  • 25-30 units selling per campaign is average