target data of 'in market' buyers  

Blackhawk Automotive will create a prospect target list that is 100% conquest, by integrating our proprietary database and Polk Data’s Predictive Model to provide the strongest and most active “In-Market” consumers within your PMA, driving thousands of unique consumers to your website.



We make custom designs for every campaign.  We will mirror your current marketing strategies, hooks, and themes to match your Tier 1 OEM Advertising.  The goal of our creative is to feature aggressive offers to direct consumers into your showroom.  Not only do we do the entire heavy lifting relative to design, we also apply for co-op on your behalf



We deploy compliant, clean, and customized creative specifically to each potential customer that receives our email - we deploy from our own white listed servers with deliverability consistently over 90%, with a 10% open rate. We are 100% Can Spam Compliant, 2% Avg. Click through rate, Ave 200,000 emails Deployed per Campaign, Re-Targeted Facebook, and Google Display Ads are deployed throughout the campaign keeping your brand in front of consumers throughout the campaign.


Tracking and Reporting

All reporting is done by a 3rd party from start to finish which will consist of a full detailed analytic reporting, and a detailed ROI reporting.In addition to website metrics, Google Analytics provides insight into how prospective new buyers shop your site.i.e. Your sales matched to our campaign, service revenue generated, conquest buyers who were directed to your website inventory pages, where you can verify the quantity and quality of traffic.After each deployment a highly trained customer service specialists will assist you in reviewing your analytics reporting.


PHONE: (702) 505-6485